Our Specialty


Our Dishes

Our Hours:

Monday- Thursday  11AM - 10PM

Friday  11AM - 11PM

Saturday  Closed July 4

Sunday Closed

We'll turn your private or corporate party into a Fiesta

Muy deliciosos


     Lunch Special $7.95

          Choice of 2 tacos or 2 enchiladas or 2 flautas.

          With a side of rice and a soft drink.

     Dinner Special $9.95 (Monday-Thursday)

          2 steak and 2 pork tacos with cilantro and onions.

          One 8oz Margarita or soft drink included

     Drink Specials

          Margaritas $2.25 (8oz, Mon-Thurs)

          Cerveza Tecate  $3.50

          Tequila Camarena $5

           Hibiscus & Guava Margarita $5 each

           Spicy Watermelon Martini $5